Delta, B.C., Canada - September 1, 2011 – GOOD Software Inc, Canada announces that the new release of ProjectKoach, their project management tool for agile software teams, adds OpenUP process guidance and project template for quick-starting management of OpenUP projects with ProjectKoach.

The new release of ProjectKoach adds two features which work together to enable quick-starting of process-guided agile projects using the bundled OpenUP process. With this addition ProjectKoach now provides unprecedented support for OpenUP and RUP projects in its intuitive and user-friendly project planning workspace.

Process guidance enables linking process models in ProjectKoach to external process web sites which allows ProjectKoach to serve up context-based guidance for project tasks and work items.. For team members this means that as they view their tasks they always have the appropriate guidance available. Just a click away.

ProjectKoach includes an OpenUP process that has been tailored specifically for using ProjectKoach in OpenUP projects. For project managers this means that they both have a ready-to-use industry-strenght process for their teams and the tool to plan and control their projects. All in the same workspace.

Project templates supports creation and use of template projects. For project managers this means that once they have established their project structures and content for one project they can reuse those structures in subsequent projects.

"The features that we added in this release work together towards making ProjectKoach stand out from other tools", says Bjorn Gustafsson, founder of GOOD Software Inc and creator of the ProjectKoach technology. "We use these new features to create the bundled OpenUP project template, which gives users a one-click population of their entire project structure, but their real value lies in that users can use them in their own context. For example, many organizations already have their tailored OpenUP process and for them it doesn't make sense to bring in a different OpenUP variant. So when they want to use ProjectKoach with their current process they use the built-in process engineering features to attach their own guidance to their ProjectKoach projects. Of course, the ProjectKoach-specific OpenUP method plug-in is available for them to incorporate in their own OpenUP process. Same with project templates: any project in the workspace can be turned into a project template - literally with the click of a button - so organizations can evolve a library of project templates to support the different project types in their environment."

"We've said it all along: whether we like it or not, ‘process’ shapes our daily project activities. Be it an explicit OpenUP process or just tacit knowledge, ProjectKoach helps teams leverage this knowledge in their iteration plans in a transparent manner." concludes Gustafsson.

These new features are part of the Premium Edition feature set, which is license-based at a cost of $199/license. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded here.

As always, a team configuration can include any combination of licensed and free Basic editions,resulting in a cost-efficient proposal to industry-strength agile planning and control.

ProjectKoach is available as a standalone desktop application on all major platforms, and as an Eclipse plug-in.


Contact information:
Bjorn Gustafsson
GOOD Software Inc