Premium features
Basic features
Process Guidance    NEW!

* requires additional installation (of free Eclipse plug-ins)




Progress charts (Premium feature)

The progress charts provide insight into the performance of the project team, and faciliates early detection of problem areas. There are three types of charts available: iteration burn charts, release burn charts and velocity chart. All charts can be viewed in point or hour units, and iteration and release burn charts are available in both burn-up and burn-down mode.


Iteration burn-up chart, hours


Release burn-up chart, points

Project velocity chart

Bug tracker integrations (Premium feature)

ProjectKoach's unique integration with Mylyn allows you to plan and track your team's bugs in your iteration plans regardless of where they are stored. Whether your bug tracker is Bugzilla, Jira or something else, you plan their tasks amongst your project's other requirements with simple drag-and-drop gestures.

Bug tracker connectors are not included with ProjectKoach, and must be installed separately. See the full list of available Mylyn connectors.

Process patterns (Premium feature)

Process is "the way we do things around here" and with the process patterns support, ProjectKoach allows you to quickly specify reoccurring activity patterns so you can re-use them for new requirements and in your iteration planning.

Use the process editor to quickly create re-usable process patterns, including use of process template files

Instantly re-use process patterns for planning.

Instantly re-use process templates for requirements creation.

Process Guidance (Premium feature)   NEW!

Link ProjectKoach to your OpenUP (or other) process web site, so you and your team always have the right guidance available for your project tasks.

The bundled OpenUP process was tailored specifically for using ProjectKoach to manage its project management work products, and it is ready for use in your projects!

Read more about OpenUP and the Eclipse Process Framework, which is used to create OpenUP at

Read about the benefits of following a defined process in an agile environment in OpenUP - the best of two worlds.

Project Templates (Premium feature)   NEW!

Project templates are ready-made ProjectKoach projects that you can use as 'quick start' for your new projects.

A project template is a complete ProjectKoach project, including the plan file, process files and other folders and files, for example:

Project template

ProjectKoach includes a bundled project template for OpenUP-based projects:

Bundled project template dialog

Selecting this template will create a new project in your workspace that is already linked to the OpenUP process for ProjectKoach use, and which outlines a series of iterations, of which the first has been readily instantiated and is ready to start. (see above)

Printing (Premium feature)

ProjectKoach supports printing of both release plans and progress charts.

Points estimation (Premium feature)

ProjectKoach supports backlog estimation in terms of points, as an alternative to hour-based estimation.

Point estimation is available as an option in the user interface that is toggled on/off from the Preferences dialog:

Points can be edited with the Premium edition, and they can be viewed in both the Premium and Team editions.

When point estimation is enabled, point estimates can be assigned to backlog items using both the backlog view and the release plan editor. Progress charts can be viewed in terms of points.

Structured requirements backlog

ProjectKoach helps you organize your requirements in the way you are most familiar with, using folder structures just like in your file system.

The Requirements view marks new requirements as they are created, allowing your analysts to freely enter new requirements as they emerge without interfering with the planning acitivites. For you as a project manager, you instantily identify those new requirements that should be planned in one of your iterations.

Requirements editor

ProjectKoach doesn't provide its own requirements editor but, rather, relies on the wide variety of editors available inside and outside of Eclipse. This allows the use of both external editors, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and others, as well as Eclipse's built-in editor for writing user stories, use cases and other requirements.

Visual plan editor

The visual plan editor is the central component of ProjectKoach. Similar to a Gantt chart, it allows you to specify the work breakdown structure of your project in terms of iterations and their work packages and tasks, and with their associated timeboxes showing along the timeline. But that's where the similarities end. ProjectKoach has replaced the many complex dependency-relationships normally associated with Gantt-based planning with simple, intuitive WYSIWYG gestures that allow you to plan your iterations in a heartbeat.

Mylyn integration

ProjectKoach has a built-in Mylyn connector that automatically connects your release plans with Mylyn's task list:


Team support

ProjectKoach includes built-in support for use of CVS for configuration management.

In addion, it readily supports addition of other teamwork solutions, like Git and Subversion for which free plug-ins can be installed from the Eclipse update site.

Eclipse plug-in

ProjectKoach is available as Eclipse plug-in, ready to be installed in Eclipse using Eclipse's built-in update manager facility. When installed in Eclipse ProjectKoach adds a perspective that includes the requirements view, plan and process editors, and progress charts view.

Rich desktop application

The ProjectKoach standalone version is a rich desktop applications with an expressive user interface that provides a pleasant and efficient user experience. It is built on the Eclipse framework and provides you with the same modular and flexible user interface that has made Eclipse the IDE of choice for millions of software developers around the world.

The standalone version includes the same ProjectKoach components as its plug-in counterpart, and they can co-exist within the same team environment.

Free updates and support

ProjectKoach is regularly updated and a purchase of a ProjectKoach Premium edition includes updates and e-mail and phone support for a full year.

No project limitations

ProjectKoach can be used without any limitations of number of projects, team size, project items, etc.